The amazing Webflow

Code-free responsive web design app allows us to get on with actually designing!

Various Apple products showing Webflow on screen

Creating Apps is our main job, but we also create corporate branding and websites for our clients to accompany their mobile apps.

We started using Webflow a few weeks ago and cannot stop singing it’s praises. Webflow is a Y Combinator-backed startup that allows designers to get on with DESIGNING! and not coding.
This is great news as that is what designers should be doing, thinking purely about the visual and not having to get bogged down with code. It does this in a highly visual way, with a UI that will make any interactive designer feel at home.

The best part - Webflow allows you to easily create responsive websites, in a very simple way.

The team at Webflow are clearly working hard on this great product. We’ve noticed regular updates and new features being added almost weekly. We are very excited about this app and keen to see what they are going to do with it in the future. One main feature we would like to see is a CMS, there have been rumours but we shall have to wait.

So impressed are we by this great app, we completely remade the Gourmet Pixel website using it!

A big thank you to the Webflow team!