FiftyThree announce iOS8 Variable Touch Sizing feature “Surface Pressure”.

FiftyThree, the makers of the great sketch app Paper have just announced that an upcoming feature to their Stylus “Pencil”.

Photo of FiftyThree's Pencil sitting on an iPad

The new “Surface Pressure” feature will enable users to achieve variation in strokes by tilting the angle of the Pencil. It will be available later in the year when iOS8 launches to the public. The new update makes use of  iOS 8′s variable touch sizing.

This is great news for artists and designers, here at Gourmet Pixel we are big fans of using the iPad for sketching ideas. We just hope that future iPads & iPhones reduce the amount of lag that is currently taking the “realism” out of the experience of sketching on screen with stylus.

There is an in-depth review of the “Pencil” stylus on mademistakes.com, read it here.