A simple, addictive game for iPhone

The Brief

The task was simple: Create a beautifully simple and addictive mobile game based upon the ball bearing games we remember from childhood.

What started as a small in-house project developed by the team in down-time at the studio, became a hugely popular and highly rated game. Promoted by Apple on numerous occasions, Roll gained over 600,000 downloads in the first week!

The Process

The team worked at great speed to develop the logo, brand, UI, UX design and development - from concept to launch, the project took just 2 weeks!


The app is all about gameplay, with the ability to compete and share with friends.

Icon of an iPhone shaking, tilting

Intuitive Gameplay

The app uses the iPhone's gyroscope to control gameplay in a highly intuitive way.

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See how you compare with friends and other players from around the globe!

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Social Sharing

Got a great score? Tell the world about it by sharing a celebration selfie!

The Outcome

The app was a huge success with over 4 Million games played and continues to gain very high ratings from users.
Apple were also kind enough to feature Roll on the App Store in a large number of countries across the world.

App Store Button
falling iPhones with Roll game displaying on them

"Gourmet Pixel was quick to respond to our unique needs and completely understood the quirkiness and character of the resort, delivering a system that reflected the personality of our organisation."

Robert Speirs
Group Marketing Manager, Virgin Limited Edition

Knockabout Sports