Sept 26th, 2016

Weekly Screen Picks

Being great fans of Webflow here at Gourmet Pixel, we were keen to experiment with the amazing visual CMS so made a small side project based up our app Screen.

Top TV Picks website
Get 6 top TV picks each and every Friday

The full responsive site pulls in 6 new top TV picks each Friday, allowing users to view trailers, summary, runtime and also click or tap through to view the show or movie on either Netflix, iPlayer or the ITV Hub.
You can view the site here.

CMS for designers

Webflow's Visual CMS is a delight to use and also highly adaptable. We are able to quickly add new shows and have them display based upon input date. Webflow does a great job of allowing designers to work their magic to pixel perfection and the CMS works seamlessly to populate those designs with the content.

We were also able to satisfy our inner geek with filters and custom html embeds, linking to content within the CMS to pull in content from our own servers as well as those of Webflow's.

The team at Gourmet Pixel are hugely excited by Webflow and all the amazing things that can be done already, and with regular updates and lots of whispers about what is in the pipeline the future looks even more exciting.

Check out the Webflow Visual CMS here: