Jan 6th, 2017

App Version 2.0 - Gourmet Pixel to the rescue!

Something we have noticed recently, is a large number of clients coming to us who already have an app, or are mid way through development - yet they are unhappy and in need of rescuing.

The global goals app on an iPhone being held by a cyclist

The trouble tends to be that it doesn’t work as planned, the developer made some of it but it was then found they didn’t have the technical know-how to implement advanced features, or it just looks a mess and has a terrible user experience.

In most cases the client had chosen their original developer based upon budget - i.e. the cheapest developer they found, which tended to be offshore.

At first light, they were sold on the fact that the developer’s quote came in at a lower rate - however the reality is that the time the developers took to create the app was far longer than it should have been. This was due to a number of back and forth exchanges that the client put down to communication barriers such as time and language. It was also because simple things took so much longer to achieve, due to not being able to have a face to face conversation directly with the people making their app. In one case a client thought they were dealing with the project manager, only to find out he was just a UK sales rep and their app was actually being developed in Poland!

It is frustrating for us to hear these stories, especially as we are now being commissioned by such clients who have already paid for an app - yet they now have to pay again to have it remade by an experienced studio such as ours.
What is my point in this post? I want to advise any companies or individuals out there who are looking to have an app developed - Don’t make your decision purely on initial costs! You will often find that the more expensive option in the long term, especially when you then have to get your app redesigned and developed.

Make sure you meet the actual people who will be designing and developing your mobile app!
Here at Gourmet Pixel we put a high value on the fact that we work directly with our clients through all stages of the app lifecycle from initial concept through design, development, testing and publishing on App Store, then continuing with future improvements and development.

If you have an app in development, or already developed that you are not completely happy with - give us a shout, we are more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Do you have an existing app that needs work? Or perhaps improvements that needs fleshing out with people that know apps inside out? With our Design Review package, we will provide a detailed report on it’s design and usability, with suggestions on how improvements can be made.

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