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Coming Soon feature of Screen Netflix Video Discovery app

Creating an App Specification Document

Quite often we get a call that goes along the lines of : "how much does it cost to make an app”. So, in order to help us and them - we have an App Specification Document. Here are some helpful pointers in how this can help.

Coming Soon feature of Screen Netflix Video Discovery app

App Version 2.0 - Gourmet Pixel to the rescue!

Something we have noticed recently, is a large number of clients coming to us who already have an app, or are mid way through development - yet they are unhappy and in need of rescuing.

Coming Soon feature of Screen Netflix Video Discovery app

The App Killers?

Does there always have to be something that will apparently "kill" the current solution? The iPhone Killer, a Tesla Killer and now Chatbots - the App Killers?

Coming Soon feature of Screen Netflix Video Discovery app

Did Apple get boring?

Last week two things happened. Microsoft revealed a brave new innovative piece of hardware (shocking, I know), in the form of a huge touchscreen that swivels to allow creatives to get up close to their work like using a drafting table.

Coming Soon feature of Screen Netflix Video Discovery app

Top screen picks each and every Friday

Being great fans of Webflow here at Gourmet Pixel, we were keen to experiment with the amazing visual CMS so made a small side project based up our app Screen.

Coming Soon feature of Screen Netflix Video Discovery app

Top picks from WWDC June 2016

WWDC saw a massive update to iOS10 along with great improvements to WatchOS, here are our top features from the announcements.

Coming Soon feature of Screen Netflix Video Discovery app

Announcing the launch of Screen!

We are super excited to finally open up Screen to the public. Screen is an app for iPhone® and iPod touch®, allowing users to search, tailor and personalise Netflix UK content.

Tesla UI Concept

Driving the Tesla P85D

We had a bit of a Friday morning jolly here at the Gourmet Pixel office, taking a visit to Tesla Motors to drive their amazing P85D.

Leaving Soon feature of Screen Netflix Video Discovery app

Netflix culling a lot of Disney movies in May

Our video discovery app Screen (private beta) has revealed that Netflix are expiring a huge amount of Disney movies in May.

Tesla UI Concept

Our new favourite prototyping tool

Here in the Gourmet Pixel studio we have recently experimenting with a great tool for generating mobile app prototypes, called Pixate Studio.

Apple's new iPhone SE

Continued improvements

Apple held a press event this week, to "Keep us in the Loop" and it was simply that.

Many will jump on Apple for not announcing an amazing ground-breaking, brand new category changing device... however, we felt that the announcements they made were just what is needed at this time.


An app a day keeps the doctor away

This week saw Apple reveal a few more interesting nuggets of information about it’s upcoming Apple Watch, along with the new uber slim MacBook.

Tesla UI Concept

Apps for Good official launch

Last summer we began working with 3 of the winning teams of the Apps for Good national competition, and finally the time had arrived for the apps to be officially launched.

Spotify Apple Watch concept

Where's the Spotify Apple Watch app?

Apple launched the Apple Watch almost a month ago, with a massive number of app developers creating some innovative versions of their apps for the device - yet one that would sit perfectly within this new platform hasn’t yet made the leap.

Fifty Three Pencil

FiftyThree announce iOS8 variable touch sizing feature "Surface Pressure"

FiftyThree, the makers of the great sketch app Paper have just announced that an upcoming feature to their Stylus “Pencil”.

iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

iPad Pro, will it change how creatives use iPad?

Apple just announced the new iPad Pro to the world. Some could be cynical and say it is just a bigger iPad, not far off how they welcomed the original iPad "it's just a big iPhone". But much like how the iPad revolutionised portable computing, we think the iPad Pro could change the way creatives work.

Virgin Hotel App

Hotel geek chic

With the prolific use of smartphones with technology such as NFC, Passbook and the impending launch of Apple Watch, the use of technology in the hotel industry is becoming a very interesting area.

First Mobile App

Our first mobile app

Inspired by the anniversary of the first ever iPhone keynote on January 9th 2007, we thought we should visit the past and take a quick peek at a slice of our history. Our first app.

iOS 9

iOS 9 is nearly here!

With iOS 9 due to launch next month, the Gourmet Pixel team are really looking forward to getting to grips with some of the great new features.

In-car UI


In-car UI design is in a bad way, it kind of reminds me of the state of mobile phone UI in the couple of years preceding the iPhone. This led us to start thinking about a better approach.

TV of the future

The trouble with TV

TV didn’t change much for many years, in-fact it barely changed from the early days until about 20 years ago. Its time for change!

More recently you got things like Sky+ so you could make that content work for your schedule rather than the one predefined by the broadcasters. That was a good thing.

However, one problem brought about by the influx of channels and content remained — finding content that is actually any good and worth watching.

The amazing Webflow

Code-free responsive web design app allows us to get on with actually designing!

Creating Apps is our main job, but we also create corporate branding and websites for our clients to accompany their mobile apps.

We started using Webflow a few weeks ago and cannot stop singing it’s praises. Webflow is a Y Combinator-backed startup that allows designers to get on with DESIGNING! and not coding.

Waitrose App Concept

iBeacons & Retail

Retail stores need to be more innovative, here's how!